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About Us


ABC Chiropractic

ABC Chiropractic is an award winning chiropractic clinic based in Edinburgh. We are conveniently located in Currie in Edinburgh and proudly serve the surrounding areas with our convenient location.

At ABC Chiropractic

We use the safest and most effective solution to your health care needs and provide a high level of patient care and customer service. ABC Chiropractic is known for having the best reputation in Edinburgh for a chiropractor that will not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations.

We treat our customers like a family by providing high-quality chiropractic services at competitive prices. Learn more about our approach and how our chiropractors can help you.


Chiropractic is for everyone

We are committed to family wellness and complete family care. At ABC Chiropractic we help you to get healthy and stay healthy long term.

Our chiropractic approach is safe, very effective and is suitable for the whole family. It is important to identify the underlying cause of the problem in your body, whether it is due to stress in the form of physical, emotional or chemical stress, or whether a bio-mechanical or structural imbalance is present. It is imperative your Chiropractor looks at all of these factors during your initial Chiropractic consultation.

People consistently see fantastic results because we combine our effective Chiropractic care with individualised exercises, postural and lifestyle advice.

We have your needs and goals as our priority, so you can feel the true benefit of Chiropractic care. Our aim is to exceed your expectations as primary health care providers by empowering you to reach and maintain your optimum health and well-being.

Our Memberships

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