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Initial Consultation

***Due to new mandatory requirements; In order to limit the time an individual stays within the clinic, appointments booked online are not confirmed until a medical history is taken by phone call ***

On your very first visit you will have some forms to complete. The purpose of these forms is to get an idea of your health throughout your life.

After the forms are completed you will see Sarah Macintyre, BSc(Hons) Chiropractic, PGCert Animal Chiropractic, DC (Doctor of Chiropractic), who will review your information and ask further questions to help find the cause of your problem. A chiropractic examination will then be performed. This will involve testing:

  • Range of motion.
  • Posture and breathing.
  • Nervous system function (your nerves control EVERYTHING
  • Reflexes, muscle strength and sensation.
  • Orthopaedic, neurological & other chiropractic tests.

For the examination, you will be asked to wear a gown, which will of course be provided. Please feel free to bring in shorts if you wish.As you age, your body accumulates layers of injuries that ultimately lead to what condition you’re experiencing now. Even if you just fell down and hurt your back this week, your outcome depended on the stability of your structure/body at that moment in time. We need to be aware of these bumps, falls and accidents so we can give you an accurate prognosis and provide the correct care for you.Your lifestyle also plays an important role in your current condition and in how fast correction will be for you. For this reason, we will also need to know what you eat and drink, what your activity level is and how much mental stress you experience.

Chiropractic and the techniques we use is a precise method used to make outstanding changes. We do not simply “crack” bones! We are very exact in what we do, so some people require different amounts of time and preparation.
Your Initial Consultation will last around 60 minutes.

Medical Image
Medical Image

Report Of Findings

Your second visit is called the ‘Report of Findings’. It is on this visit that we will explain what is going on with your body, how it got that way and give our recommendations to correct it and begin treatment.


It is often useful to have a friend or family member accompany you to this visit so that they too can understand what needs to be done and support you during the healing process.  If you decide to go ahead with starting care, it is only on this visit we will start treatment.


This is a longer 30 minute appointment where you will have the findings from your Consultation fully explained, an information pack with recommended exercises, postual advice and treatment will commence.

If you have been referred for X-rays, then these will also be fully explained to you during this appointment, and is a longer 40 minute appointment.

These appointments will be manually booked by reception NOT online.