It’s that time of year again – Skiing!

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So – you’ve got that half-term Ski holiday booked for you and the family, or you’re venturing off yourself with friends for that first ever snow board or ski ‘experience’. This can be so much fun and exciting, BUT also very taxing to your body – think joints, ligaments, tendons, spine!

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Think of your body in mechanical form and see how everything links together

There are some things you can do to help prevent injuries and support yourself so you can have the best time ever.

It’s all about the Spine!

Think of all the twists and turns, and BUMPS you take during a day on the slopes – your spine takes a beating and works harder than usual during ski season. Then you must need ways for Spine pain Relief.

Chiropractic adjustments facilitate proper range of motion and alignment of bones and joints. the more structurally distorted we are, the less energy we have for metabolism, for healing, and for thinking. Regular chiropractic adjustments will help assure you have optimal range of motion in the body and better mobility on the slopes.

Exercises which support your spine, such as the most basic plank, are great for supporting the core strength of the spine needed to have your best day on the snow.

Flexibility and Warm-Up
Like any activity, most people are so excited to get out on the slopes, they forget to warm-up the muscles that will actually be used – after all, it’s just fun, not a ‘sport’, isn’t it??

Warming up those muscle groups and stretching, really can’t be understated – vital in injury prevention.

Warm up – Before you put your boots on, do 25-50 jumping jacks and 10-15 air squats. For the air squats, bend down as if you’re going to sit in a chair (but with no chair present), and then stand back up again.

If you have the flexibility, you can bring your buttocks down until it touches the back of your ankles then stand back up. Repeat.

Love your spine!

Once you get your boots on, do a few standing spinal rotations. Hands by your side, keeping your pelvis facing forward, move your upper body and head to one side and then another – it’s the lumbar spine we’re stretching here!. Again, do the same forwards and backwards, to flex and extend the spine.

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Stretches – Love your hamstrings and stretch them. After your boots are on, put one foot on top of a bench or picnic table, stand with hips squared off to the bench/table and lean forward at the hips and reach your hands toward your ankles. Hold this stretch for 15-20 seconds. Do both sides two to three times.

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Don’t forget your neck. Bring your right ear to your right shoulder and gently use your right hand to add pressure, bringing the ear closer to the right shoulder. This stretches the left side of the neck. Hold for 15-20 seconds, repeat right side; do both sides two to three times.

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Lastly, attend to your arms and upper body by bringing your left arm across your chest and keep the arm level; use the right hand to pull the left arm in closer to chest and feel the stretch in the back of the left shoulder area. Hold for 15-20 seconds repeat with other arm, two to three times each side. This will help you in Spine Pain Relief.