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Chiropractor In Edinburgh

At ABC Chiropractic, your 5 star rated Chiropractor in Edinburgh, we not only ADDRESS your pain & symptoms, but also help to PREVENT them re-occurring again in the future.

Family Wellness & Health

We are committed to family wellness and complete family care.  At ABC Chiropractic we help you to get healthy and stay healthy long term.  Our approach is safe, natural and very effective and is suitable for the whole family.

It is important to identify the underlying cause of the problem, whether it is due to stress in the form of physical, emotional or chemical stress, or whether a bio-mechanical or structural imbalance is present. It is imperative your Chiropractor looks at all of these factors during your initial Chiropractic consultation.

People consistently see fantastic results because we combine our effective Chiropractic care with the science of wellness: exercise, postural and lifestyle advice.

Our aim is to EXCEED your expectations as primary health care providers by EMPOWERING YOU to reach and maintain your OPTIMUM health and well-being.

See How Chiropractic can help with:

 – Headache arising from the neck (cervicogenic)                                   

– Lumbago

 – Inability to relax                                                      

  – Mechanical neck pain (neck stiffness and soreness)

 – Joint Pains                                                                                       

  – Migraine prevention

 – Joint pains including hip and knee pain from osteoarthritis           

  – General, acute and chronic backache and back pain 

 – Muscle spasms                                                                                     

– Generalised aches & pains    

 – Plantar fasciitis (short term management)                                         

– Rotator cuff injuries, disease or disorders                                          

 – Sciatica                                                                                                

  – Shoulder complaints (dysfunction, disorders and pain)  

 – Soft tissue disorders of the shoulder                                               

  – Elbow pain (Golfer’s/Tennis elbow)

 – Ankle sprain (short term management)                                         

 – Cramp



We also treat Minor sports injuries and tensions resulting in:

– Elbow pain and tennis elbow arising from associated musculoskeletal conditions of the back and neck (not isolated occurrence) 

 – joint pains                                                                                                                     

 – General aches and pain including those of joints, muscle spasms and cramp           

 – Cervicogenic headache

 – Rotator cuff injuries, diseases or disorders

 – soft tissue disorders of the shoulder

 – Shoulder complaints, dysfunction, disorders and pain

 – Short-term management of ankle sprains and plantar fasciitis

Which is why Chiropractors often work at major sporting events , where we work in a wide range of professional sports including football, rugby and athletics, often as members of a multi-disciplinary medical support team.


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Chiropractor In Edinburgh
Chiropractor In Edinburgh

ABC Chiropractic, your 5 star rated Chiropractor in Edinburgh, we not only ADDRESS your pain & symptoms, but also help to PREVENT them re-occurring again in the future.