'Healthy by choice...
                                                         ...not by chance'


R. M - 2016

'After having an awful experience with an Osteopath when I was 15, I was recommended by a friend to go to Robert for a massage.  My doctors had told me that my spine was beginning to fuse and there was nothing more that could be done other than take pills and do physio prescribed stretches (that I couldn't manage).  Despite my worries I attended Robert's clinic. One word: WOW! He put me at ease, listened to me as I explained my condition and worked his magic on my back.  It turned out all I had were massive knots that needed massaging out... 1 hour later and 12 years of knots eased out, I felt great!  I could move more flexibly than i had been ale to in years.

I have since returned - again amazing service.  Robert listens to you: if you need to move or stretch, he will stop - you just have to ask.  Nothing is too much. I would highly recommend Robert's service to anyone - especially those who have prety much given up with the overworked and overstressed consultants working for the NHS!!!!!'

D. W - 2015

'Regular adjustments by Sarah correct my posture and keep my pain/discomfort to a minimum.  Twice daily I complete stretches/exercises that Sarah recommended too.  Attending a Chiropractor has positively changed many aspects of my life including my work, fitness level and ability to sing soprano well in the choirs I belong to.'