What’s your ‘back-up’ plan?


When do you want to get to the ACTUAL problem, the cause of the ‘pain’?

We get to the ROOT of the problem and NOT mask over the symptoms with chemicals.

The degeneration of a human’s spine correlates with the deterioration of overall health and function of the body. Poor posture and abnormal spinal health link directly to an increased risk of disease, disability, and pain. Many of these problems can be avoided by correcting and maintaining the health and condition of the spine. A small, unfelt misalignment in the spine can create significant long-term health consequences. Chiropractors constantly remind their patients and the public about the vital necessity of good spinal health. Nothing improves spinal health better than regular Chiropractic evaluations and adjustments for adults and kids of all ages.

Choose Edinburgh’s 5-Star rated clinic for long-lasting results.

Journal of the American Chiropractic Association; 2004 41(2): 22-2 “Rat model yields evidence of biomechanical basis for subluxation.” Henderson, DC, PhD, Cramer DC, PhD.

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