Solving the Headache Crisis

Solving the Headache Crisis

Some pharmaceutical advertisements claim to help treat what they describe as ‘normal’ and ‘everyday’ headaches.

migraine prevention People experiencing daily pain and headaches suffer from conditions identified as ‘completely abnormal’. Pharmaceutical companies attempt to merge the terms common and normal as if they share the same definition. Headaches and heart attacks occur commonly amongst millions of people. Neither affliction identifies as being a normal occurrence no matter how commonly each happens!

Research from 2014 proved that all headaches connect directly or indirectly with upper neck nerves that control the blood supply into and out of the head. Continue reading “Solving the Headache Crisis”

Massage Therapy in Edinburgh

Massage Therapy Edinburgh
Massage in Edinburgh

Whether for pre-Chiropractic sessions or as a stand-alone treatment, massage therapy can bring great results.

Whether or not it is to relax or  address a soft tissue injury, our 5 Star Massage Therapy in Edinburgh is a great choice.

Benefits of Massage

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